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    Underline: Lead Authors
Bold: Corresponding Authors
†: Equally Contributed
(2007-12) Equivalence between polymer nanocomposites and thin polymer films: Effect of processing conditions and molecular origins of observed behavior

S. Sen, Y. Xie, A. Bansal, H. Yang, K. Cho, L.S. Schadler, and S.K. Kumar Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 2013, 141, 161 (view at publisher)

(2007-11) AFM Studies of Inhibition Effect in Binding of Antimicrobial Peptide and Immune Proteins

Jong Soo Kim, Soonnam Jang, Uisuk Kim, Kilwon Cho, Langmuir 2007, 23, 10438-10440 (view at publisher)

(2007-10) Change of molecular ordering in soluble acenes via solvent annealing and its effect on field-effect mobility

Wi Hyoung Lee, Do Hwan Kim, Jeong Ho Cho, Yunseok Jang, Jung Ah Lim, Donghoon Kwak, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 91, 092105 (view at publisher)

(2007-09) UV-Driven Reversible Switching of a Roselike Vanadium Oxide Film between Superhydrophobicity and Superhydrophilicity

Ho Sun Lim, Donghoon Kwak, Dong Yun Lee, Seung Goo Lee, Kilwon Cho, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2007, 129, 4128-4129 (view at publisher)

(2007-08) Solution-processable pentacene microcrystal arrays for high performance organic field-effect transistors

Wi Hyoung Lee, Do Hwan Kim, Yunseok Jang, Jeong Ho Cho, Minkyu Hwang, Yeong Don Park, Yong Hoon Kim, Jeong In Han, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 90, 132106 (view at publisher)

(2007-07) Sequential formation of calcium carbonate superstructure: From solid/hollow spheres to sponge-like/solid films

Joong Tark Han, Xurong Xu, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Crystal Growth, 2007, 308, 110–116 (view at publisher)

(2007-06) High-Mobility Organic Transistors Based on Single-Crystalline Microribbons of Triisopropylsilylethynyl Pentacene via Solution-Phase Self-Assembly

Do Hwan Kim, Dong Yun Lee, Hwa Sung Lee, Wi Hyung Lee, Yong Hoon Kim, Jeong In Han, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Materials, 2007, 19, 678–682 (view at publisher)

(2007-05) Enhancement of Hole Injection in Organic TFTs by Ozone Treatment of Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes

Jeong Ho Cho, Hwa Sung Lee, Minkyu Hwang, Hyun Ho Choi, Woong-Kwon Kim, Jong-Lam Lee, Kilwon Cho, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 2007, 10, H156-H159 (view at publisher)

(2007-04) Effects of the permanent dipoles of self-assembled monolayer-treated insulator surfaces on the field-effect mobility of a pentacene thin-film transistor

Yunseok Jang, Jeong Ho Cho, Do Hwan Kim, Yeong Don Park, Minkyu Hwang, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2007 90, 132104 (view at publisher)

(2007-03) Interface engineering in organic transistors

Yeong Don Park, Jung Ah Lim, Hwa Sung Lee, Kilwon Cho, Materials Today, 2007, 10, 46-54 (view at publisher)

(2007-02) Effects of Physical Treatment of ITO Electrodes on the Electrical Properties of Pentacene Thin-Film Transistors

Hwa Sung Lee, Jeong Ho Cho, Woong-Kwon Kim, Jong-Lam Lee, Kilwon Cho, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 2007, 10, H239-H242 (view at publisher)

(2007-01) Control of the electrode work function and active layer morphology via surface modification of indium tin oxide for high efficiency organic photovoltaics

Jong Soo Kim, Jong Hwan Park, Ji Hwang Lee, Jang Jo, Dong-Yu Kim, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 91, 112111 (view at publisher)


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