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      Underline: Lead Authors
Bold: Corresponding Authors
†: Equally Contributed
(2008-19) Construction of coral-like complex: Controlled growth of vaterite submicron hairs on flat films and hemispheres

Xu-Rong Xu, Rui Liu, Hai-Hua Pan, Rui-Kang Tang, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Crystal Growth, 2008, 310, 3049– 3054 (view at publisher)

(2008-18) Contact Angles of Oils on Solid Substrates in Aqueous Media: Correlation with AFM Data on Protein Adhesion
Eun Chul Cho, Do-Hoon Kim, Kilwon Cho, Langmuir, 2008, 24, 9974-9978 (view at publisher)

(2008-17) Versatile Use of Vertical-Phase-Separation-Induced Bilayer Structures in Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Longzhen Qiu, Jung Ah Lim, Xiaohong Wang, Wi Hyoung Lee, Minkyu Hwang, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Materials, 2008, 20, 1141-1145 (view at publisher)

(2008-16) Tunable Crystal Nanostructures of Pentacene Thin Films on Gate Dielectrics Possessing Surface-Order Control

Do Hwan Kim, Hwa Sung Lee, Hoichang Yang, Lin Yang, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Functional Materials, 2008, 18, 1363-1370 (view at publisher)

(2008-15) The roles of water and polyelectrolytes in the phase transformation of amorphous calcium carbonate

Xu-Rong Xu, An-Hua Cai, Rui Liu, Hai-Hua Pan, Rui-Kang Tang, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Crystal Growth, 2008, 310, 3779– 3787 (view at publisher)

(2008-14) The effects of solvent type and aging on structural development in poly(vinyl chloride) thermoreversible gels

Minkyu Hwang, Hoichang Yang, Sanghyun Park, Dae Ho Lee, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics, 2008, 46, 263–271 (view at publisher)

(2008-13) Superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic wetting transition with programmable ion-pairing interaction

Ho Sun Lim, Seung Goo Lee, Dae Ho Lee, Dong Yun Lee, Shichoon Lee, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Materials, 2008, 20, 4438-4441 (view at publisher)

(2008-12) Semifluorinated side group poly(oxyethylene) derivatives having extremely low surface energy: Synthesis, characterization, and surface properties

Byoung Gak Kim, Eun-Ho Sohn, Kilwon Cho, Jong-Chan Lee, European Polymer Journal, 2008, 44, 2912–2919 (view at publisher)

(2008-11) Self-Organization of Ink-jet-Printed Triisopropylsilylethynyl Pentacene via Evaporation-Induced Flows in a Drying Droplet

Jung Ah Lim, Wi Hyoung Lee, Hwa Sung Lee, Ji Hwang Lee, Yeong Don Park, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Functional Materials, 2008, 18, 229-234 (Front Cover) (view at publisher)

(2008-10) Room-Temperature Self-Organizing Characteristics of Soluble Acene Field-Effect Transistors

Wi Hyoung Lee, Jung Ah Lim, Do Hwan Kim, Jeong Ho Cho, Yunseok Jang, Yong Hoon Kim, Jeong In Han, Kilwon Cho, Advanced Functional Materials, 2008, 18, 560-565 (view at publisher)

(2008-09) High performance polythiophene thin-film transistors doped with very small amounts of an electron acceptor

Liang Ma, Wi Hyoung Lee, Yeong Don Park, Jong Soo Kim, Hwa Sung Lee, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2008, 92, 063310 (view at publisher)

(2008-08) Facile control of thermo-responsive wettability through an all-electrostatic self-assembling process

Donghoon Kwak, Joong Tark Han, Ji Hwang Lee, Ho Sun Lim, Dae Ho Lee, Kilwon Cho, Surface Science, 2008, 602, 3100–3105 (view at publisher)

(2008-07) Evaporation of Sessile Droplets of Dilute Aqueous Solutions Containing Sodium n-Alkylates from Polymer Surfaces: Influences of Alkyl Length and Concentration of Solute

Jung-Hoon Kim, Sung Il Ahn, Jae Hyun Kim, Jong Soo Kim, Kilwon Cho, Jin Chul Jung, Taihyun Chang, Moonhor Ree, Wang-Cheol Zin, Langmuir, 2008, 24, 11442-11450 (view at publisher)

(2008-06) Enhancement of the field-effect mobility of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/functionalized carbon nanotube hybrid transistors

Yeong Don Park, Jung Ah Lim, Yunseok Jang, Minkyu Hwang, Hwa Sung Lee, Dae Ho Lee, Hwa-Jeong Lee, Jong-Beom Baek, Kilwon Cho, Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, 2008, 9, 317-322 (view at publisher)

(2008-05) Enhancement of field-effect mobility and stability of poly(3- hexylthiophene) field-effect transistors by conformational change

Yeong Don Park, Do Hwan Kim, Jung Ah Lim, Jeong Ho Cho, Yunseok Jang, Wi Hyoung Lee, Jong Hwan Park, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2008, 112, 1705-1710 (view at publisher)

(2008-04) Effect of the Phase States of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Pentacene Growth and Thin-Film Transistor Characteristics

Hwa Sung Lee, Do Hwan Kim, Jeong Ho Cho, Minkyu Hwang, Yunseok Jang, Kilwon Cho, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008, 130, 10556-10564 (view at publisher)

(2008-03) Effect of rubbed polyimide layer on the field-effect mobility in pentacene thin-film transistors

Seok-Ju Kang, Yong-Young Noh, Kang-Jun Baeg, Jieun Ghim, Jeong-Ho Park, Dong-Yu Kim, Jong Soo Kim, Jong Hwan Park, Kilwon Cho, Applied Physics Letters, 2008, 92, 052107 (view at publisher)

(2008-02) Effect of crystalline microstructure near the particle/matrix interface on the toughening of syndiotactic polystyrene/polyamide-6 blends

Byung Il Kang, Sobha V. Nair, Hoichang Yang, Ho Sun Lim, Dae Ho Lee, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2008, 108, 2734-2747 (view at publisher)

(2008-01) Direct Synthesis of Hollow Vaterite Nanospheres from Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles via Phase Transformation

Anhua Cai, Xurong Xu, Haihua Pan, Jinhui Tao, Rui Liu, Ruikang Tang, Kilwon Cho, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2008, 112 (30), 11324-11330 (view at publisher)


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